TransUnion unveils cutting-edge AI platform for data analysis.

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  • TransUnion has launched a cloud-based AI-powered data and analytics platform for financial institutions called OneTru.
  • OneTru connects separate data and analytic assets for credit risk, marketing, and fraud prevention in a single, unified environment.

TransUnion has introduced a new AI-powered data analytics platform called OneTru for financial institutions. The platform, built on TransUnion’s hybrid-cloud infrastructure, leverages AI and machine learning technologies from Neustar, which TransUnion acquired for over $3 billion in 2021. OneTru aims to break down data silos and provide a more comprehensive understanding of customer data by incorporating AI and ML-driven knowledge graph capabilities.

According to Venkat Achanta, Chief Technology, Data and Analytics Officer at TransUnion, OneTru’s capabilities will allow clients to move beyond traditional identity graphs, enabling them to make logical inferences from linked, unstructured, and structured data. This will provide additional context and meaning for improved decision-making.

OneTru’s AI capabilities will enhance identity resolution for fraud use cases by linking structured offline identities with unstructured data, such as behavioral information and device properties. This approach aims to provide financial institutions with a more holistic view of customer data and improve fraud prevention measures.

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