India and ADB partner for $23m Fintech Institute in Gujarat.

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  • India and ADB signed a $23 million deal to establish an International Fintech Institute in Gujarat.
  • The project aims to enhance employment prospects, increase workforce competitiveness, and boost productivity in emerging and green technologies.

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The Central Government of India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have signed a crucial loan agreement worth $23 million to support the country’s fintech ecosystem. This agreement, signed at the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT-City), paves the way for the establishment of an International Fintech Institute (IFI). The initiative aims to advance fintech education, support start-ups, and drive research and innovation in the sector.

The project, titled “Promoting Research and Innovation through Development of Fintech Institute at GIFT-City,” emphasizes market-driven fintech skills programs, private sector investment, and collaboration between industry stakeholders, educational institutes, and development partners. This comprehensive approach is designed to fuel the holistic growth of India’s fintech ecosystem.

The establishment of the IFI represents India’s commitment to becoming a global hub for fintech innovation and education. By leveraging the ADB’s expertise and resources, the project aims to build a strong foundation for the fintech sector to thrive in the digital global economy. This collaboration underscores the significance of fintech in driving economic growth and highlights the potential of public-private partnerships in achieving innovative outcomes in the financial services industry.

The loan agreement between the Central Government and the ADB signifies a milestone in India’s journey towards establishing a prominent position in the global fintech landscape. It showcases a forward-looking vision focused on empowering entrepreneurs, enhancing financial inclusivity, and fostering a culture of innovation and research in the financial sector. With the creation of the IFI at GIFT-City, India is poised to make significant progress in developing cutting-edge fintech solutions to meet the evolving needs of the digital economy both domestically and internationally.

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