Harvard student sues after being kicked out over financial test.

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– Theo Harper, a Harvard undergraduate, sued the Harvard International Relations Council after being temporarily removed for conducting a financial stress test without authorization.
– Harper redirected $170,000 to an unofficial bank account as part of the stress test, leading to his removal and subsequent legal action.

Theo Harper, a Harvard undergraduate, filed a lawsuit against the Harvard International Relations Council (IRC) after he was temporarily removed from the group for conducting a secret financial stress test. Harper redirected $170,000 to an unofficial bank account without the authorization of the IRC’s top leadership. This action led to his removal from the group, sparking tensions among the IRC’s board of directors over financial management and transparency issues. Despite Harper’s claims that the stress test was legal and within his duties, the IRC disputed his actions and conducted an investigation into the matter.

The exercise, intended to expose financial security flaws within the IRC, involved redirecting funds over a period of two months before transferring them back to the official account. The IRC’s treasurer and chief auditor were criticized for their slow response to warnings about the financial breach. Harper demanded compensation for emotional damages and loss of opportunities to participate in upcoming Model United Nations conferences, citing his illegal removal from the IRC. The case is set to be heard in court in April, with the IRC facing allegations of breaching Massachusetts law by expelling Harper without a majority vote.

Following an investigation into Harper’s conduct, the IRC plans to vote on his reinstatement as a general member in early March. The group denies liability for the allegations in Harper’s complaint and asserts cooperation with school officials and the Dean of Students Office. Ultimately, the lawsuit highlights internal tensions within the IRC and raises questions about financial management and transparency within the student-run organization.

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