Seeking applicants for Finance Committee and Charter Review Commission roles.

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  • Applicants are being sought for the Finance Committee and Charter Review Commission in Amherst
  • Not enough applicants for the Finance Committee vacancy, applications still being accepted

The town of Amherst is currently seeking applicants for non-voting positions on the Finance Committee and the Charter Review Commission. There is a vacancy on the Finance Committee due to Bob Hegner’s election to the Town Council, but as of the recent meeting, there were only two applications submitted. The Governance, Organization, and Legislation Committee (GOL) is still accepting applications until March 2nd for this position. The Charter Review Commission is also seeking members for the upcoming review of the town charter, with 11 applicants for the nine-member committee. The GOL committee emphasized the importance of demographic diversity in selecting members for the Charter Review Commission. Additionally, council liaisons are being recommended for 10 committees to promote communication between the committees and the council. It was suggested that councilors serving as liaisons should strictly follow the rules and procedures set forth. Overall, there is an ongoing effort to fill important roles in these committees to ensure effective governance in Amherst.

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