Gen Z falls easily for financial scams, surprising many.

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  • Generation Z is more susceptible to financial scams compared to older generations.
  • Youthful digital savvy paired with high levels of social media usage make Gen Z more vulnerable to online scams.

In a recent article by TIME, it was highlighted how Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2012, is surprisingly susceptible to financial scams. Despite being digital natives and adept at using the internet, Gen Z is more than three times as likely to fall for online scams compared to older generations like baby boomers.

Experts point out that scams are often tailored to younger adults who spend on average at least four hours on social media daily. This exposure to social media, coupled with a desire for quick wealth and a generally trusting nature towards online information, makes Gen Z an easy target for scammers peddling get-rich-quick schemes.

Financial planners caution that falling for these scams can have significant financial repercussions, with consumers losing over $10 billion to fraud in 2023 alone. The rise of sophisticated scams, disguised as legitimate messages from banks and using AI technology, poses even greater risks to younger adults who conduct a significant portion of their financial transactions online.

As the online landscape continues to evolve, experts emphasize the importance of vigilance, skepticism, and proper vetting of online information to protect oneself from falling victim to financial scams.

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