Sustainable finance newsletter: Top firms support Climate Action 100+. HSBC’s issue.

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  • Climate Action 100+ facing challenges amid EU vs US rift
  • HSBC’s Black pay gap issue highlighted

In this week’s sustainable finance newsletter, the focus is on the challenges facing Climate Action 100+ and HSBC’s Black pay gap problem.

Climate Action 100+, the industry’s largest climate coalition, is facing internal struggles as tensions rise between the EU and US. This rift is putting the future of the coalition in question, as members struggle to find common ground on climate issues.

Meanwhile, HSBC has come under scrutiny for its Black pay gap problem. The bank has been accused of disparities in pay between Black employees and their white counterparts, raising concerns about diversity and inclusion within the organization.

These two stories highlight the ongoing challenges and controversies within the sustainable finance and ESG space. As organizations grapple with issues of climate change, diversity, and equity, it is clear that there is still much work to be done to create a more sustainable and inclusive financial industry.

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