Google bets on synthetic data; AI co-pilots rise in finance

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  • Google’s AI group launched Gemma, a general purpose, open-source large language model.
  • Gemma aims to compete with Meta Platforms and Mistral’s LLMs and improve Google’s proprietary Gemini LLM.

Google’s artificial intelligence group made a significant breakthrough by launching Gemma, an open-source large language model that aims to rival Meta Platforms and Mistral’s LLMs. This move not only positions Google at the forefront of open-source LLM development but also allows the company to potentially enhance its proprietary Gemini LLM through technical advances made on Gemma. By making this technology available for free, Google may also gain favor with regulators and AI researchers who value open-source technology.

The development of Gemma signifies Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology and staying competitive in the field. With Gemini already making strides in the AI space, Gemma adds another layer of innovation and potential for improvement, solidifying Google’s position as a key player in artificial intelligence research and development.

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