Capital boost for advisor platform as Savvy Wealth debuts investment program.

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Savvy Wealth has launched a new investment management program called Savvy Wealth Investment Management (SWIM). This program is designed to provide support for financial advisors and enhance their ability to deliver personalized wealth management services to high-net-worth clients. SWIM offers benefits such as efficient portfolio management, access to proprietary investment models, and comprehensive portfolio solutions.

With SWIM, advisors can build flexible and customizable portfolios that align with their clients’ unique financial goals. The program is managed by Savvy’s investment team, who handle tasks such as asset allocation, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and cash management. Advisors also have access to proprietary models developed by Savvy’s Investment Committee, which can be customized based on factors such as tax efficiency and factor tilts. SWIM also enables diversification by including illiquid securities, private investments, custom indexes, separately managed accounts, and held away retirement accounts.

The launch of SWIM follows the introduction of Savvy Direct Indexing, another solution aimed at providing tax-optimized and personalized portfolios to clients. Savvy Wealth aims to revolutionize the way advisors manage and scale their businesses by offering an all-in-one technology platform that eliminates the need for multiple disparate solutions. The company also provides support teams for back-office operations, marketing, and compliance, allowing advisors to focus on serving their clients.

Savvy Wealth plans to continue developing SWIM, with future customizations focusing on factor tilts, tax efficiency, and proprietary active strategies. The company has been expanding its advisor headcount and is actively recruiting experienced advisors who want to leverage Savvy Wealth’s platform to grow their businesses.

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