Swampscott Superintendent hails Director of Finance’s promotion.

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  • Cheryl Herrick-Stella has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operation in Swampscott.
  • The promotion signifies a shift from a financial management role to a leadership role with strategic focus.

Swampscott Superintendent of Schools, Pamela Angelakis, has announced the promotion of Cheryl Herrick-Stella to the position of Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operation. This promotion comes on the one-year anniversary of Herrick-Stella working in the Swampscott school district.

Angelakis explained that Herrick-Stella’s new role will allow her to have a broader impact on the district beyond just finance. In addition to her financial responsibilities, Herrick-Stella has been actively involved in the district’s vision, mission, and strategy, showcasing her abilities beyond the financial lane she was in.

The School Committee also expressed their satisfaction with Herrick-Stella’s performance during a recent meeting. The committee opened a public hearing on School Choice, but ultimately voted unanimously against implementing the program. Angelakis stated that the decision was made to prioritize the growth of the district’s METCO program, and the committee plans to continue discussing the topic annually.

It is worth mentioning that the title change does not come with a payment increase.

This promotion showcases the recognition of Cheryl Herrick-Stella’s expertise and dedication to the Swampscott school district. Her ability to transition from a financial management role to a leadership role demonstrates her commitment to the district’s overall success.

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