Moneyhub: Adding Co-op Bank, Smile Bank, and Kroo Bank for Open Banking Connections

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Moneyhub has become the first third-party provider (TPP) to connect to Co-op Bank, Smile Bank, and Kroo Bank in the UK. Moneyhub is a global provider of Open Banking account connectivity and offers a range of financial services through its platform. With this new connection, Moneyhub users will be able to access a holistic view of their finances, including current accounts, savings, loans, investments, and more. The addition of these banks expands the reach of Moneyhub’s platform and enhances its ability to provide actionable insights and personalized advice to its users.

Co-op Bank is the UK’s first ethical bank and offers a range of banking products and services to retail customers and UK businesses. Smile Bank is a digital bank that offers full-service current accounts, savings, ISAs, investments, and credit cards. Kroo Bank is a digital bank launched in 2022 that aims to provide a better banking experience with features such as zero fees on spending abroad and deposit protection up to £85,000.

Moneyhub’s technology allows users to connect with thousands of financial institutions, providing a comprehensive view of their finances. The platform uses smart nudges and machine learning to provide actionable insights and help users make informed financial decisions. Moneyhub’s technology is currently accessible to over 150 million people through its partners and personal finance app.

By connecting with Co-op Bank, Smile Bank, and Kroo Bank via Open Banking, Moneyhub is further expanding its network of financial institutions and offering its users a more comprehensive overview of their financial health. This development highlights the growing importance of Open Banking and the potential it has to revolutionize the way people manage their finances.

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