Listen up to the voices of women leading fintech now.

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  • Interviews with three women leaders in fintech
  • Topics covered include personal and professional development, retaining female talent, empowering women in fintech, and diversity and inclusion

We had the privilege of sitting down and interviewing three remarkable women leaders in the fintech industry last month. In our interview videos below, you’ll hear from Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Co-Founder at Harrington Star Group; Jen Godderidge, CEO & Founder at ATMO Technologies; and Chantal Swainston, Founder at The Heard. These leaders delve into a variety of topics including personal and professional development, strategies for retaining female talent, the importance of empowering women in fintech, driving meaningful change within organizations, the role of coaching and mentoring, and the vital aspects of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Throughout the interviews, the women leaders discussed their journeys in the fintech industry, sharing insights on navigating challenges, building successful careers, and creating more inclusive work environments. They emphasized the significance of mentorship, empowerment, and advocacy for women in fintech.

Key takeaways from the interviews include:

  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and success in fintech
  • The role of mentorship and coaching in supporting women’s professional growth and advancement
  • Strategies for organizations to effectively retain and promote female talent in the industry
  • The impact of empowering women in fintech on the overall growth and evolution of the sector

Overall, the conversations with these women leaders shed light on the valuable contributions of women in fintech and underscored the need for continued efforts to promote gender diversity and equality in the industry.

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