Catch Lloyds Banking Group’s latest on FinovateEurope 2024 trends.

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  • Lloyds Banking Group’s Head of Fintech Investment, Robin Scher, discusses fintech funding trends at FinovateEurope 2024.
  • The interview covers technologies, verticals, and Lloyds’ own partnership/investment strategy in the fintech space.

At the FinovateEurope conference in London, Robin Scher, Head of Fintech Investment at Lloyds Banking Group, shared insights into the current fintech funding trends. Key takeaways from the discussion include:

During the interview, Scher highlighted the following points:

  • Identifying the technologies or verticals attracting the most substantial investment.
  • Outlining the fintech funding outlook for the rest of 2024 and analyzing the potential return of positive sentiment.
  • Detailing Lloyds’ approach to its own fintech partnership and investment strategy, focusing on specific areas and technologies of interest.

Overall, the conversation provided valuable insights into the current state of fintech funding and Lloyds’ strategy in the evolving landscape.

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