Discover the key to an epic event at Fintech Meetup 2024.

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  • At Fintech Meetup 2024, delegates discuss what makes a great event.
  • Key elements include networking opportunities, good conversations, and a conducive environment for genuine connections.

In a video from Fintech Meetup 2024 in Las Vegas, delegates share their thoughts on what makes a great event. The key elements highlighted include:

Networking Opportunities: Delegates look for good networking opportunities, great conversations, and good energy at events like Fintech Meetup.

Genuine Connections: Peter Zhou from Rutter API emphasizes the importance of cultivating an environment that can facilitate genuine connections.

ROI: John Griffin from M3ter Limited mentions the importance of getting a good return on investment from attending events like Fintech Meetup.

In conclusion, the best conferences for delegates are those where they can walk away with a deal or a game-changing connection while also enjoying the experience. Fintech Meetup 2024 seems to have struck the right balance with its combination of networking opportunities, engaging conversations, and a conducive environment for genuine connections.

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