Orion boosts tech shelf with BeFi tool.

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  • Orion unveils new tools focused on behavioral finance, estate planning, and client trading oversight.
  • The PulseCheck tool aims to enhance client relationships through a reflective process focusing on wellness categories.

In an effort to help advisors and firms better serve their clients, leading fintech provider Orion has unveiled a handful of key upgrades to its platform. At the recent Orion Ascent event, the firm introduced its PulseCheck behavioral finance tool, designed to help advisors engage clients more deeply by incorporating investors’ personal well-being into their financial planning. The tool operates within the Orion Planning platform and guides investors through a reflective process focusing on happiness, engagement, advancement, relationships, truth, and strength.

Key Elements of the Article:

Orion has introduced new tools to enhance client relationships, improve estate planning, and provide better client trading oversight. The PulseCheck tool helps advisors engage clients on a deeper level by focusing on wellness categories. Additionally, Orion unveiled a new estate planning tool to assist with the impending transfer of intergenerational wealth and enhanced compliance capabilities to streamline post-trade supervision.

Furthermore, the firm’s Wealthtech Survey found a growing number of advisors incorporating behavioral finance into their practices, with the belief that BeFi can enhance client relationships, trust, and confidence, especially during market volatility. The estate planning tool supports advisors in simplifying complex concepts, asset distributions, and inheritance timelines, offering a dedicated workflow and what-if scenario modeling feature for exploring different strategies.

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