MemeCoin madness: BOME Token soars 2700% post Binance bombshell announcement.

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  • BOME token has soared by 2700% after Binance introduced the USDS-M BOME Perpetual Contract.
  • Bybit has also announced the listing of BOME/USDT pair, boosting investor confidence in BOME’s potential.

Article Summary:

The BOME token has experienced a remarkable surge in value, increasing by more than 2700% to reach $0.02552 with a market capitalization of $1.4 billion. This surge follows Binance’s announcement of the launch of the USDS-M BOME Perpetual Contract, offering traders up to 50x leverage. Bybit also announced the listing of BOME/USDT pairs on its platform, further boosting investor confidence in BOME. The rise in BOME prices is part of a larger trend in the Solana ecosystem. An anonymous trader reportedly turned $645k into $4.3 million in just two days by trading BOME tokens on the Solana website. As of now, the BOME price has surged to $0.02527 with a significant increase in trading volume to $2.39 billion. The crypto community eagerly awaits further developments in the wake of BOME’s impressive price rally.

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