Lloyds Banking Group teams up with ApTap for bill tracking.

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The TLDR of the article is that Lloyds Banking Group has partnered with ApTap to offer a bill management tool for Halifax and Lloyds Bank mortgage customers. The tool will be accessible through the Lloyds Bank and Halifax mobile banking apps, providing insights into the costs of broadband, energy, and mobile phone contracts, and allowing users to switch providers for cheaper plans.

In the full article, it is highlighted that the partnership between Lloyds and ApTap aims to help users save money on household bills and make the process of managing bills much easier. ApTap’s billing technology has previously been successful with TSB Bank customers, saving them an average of £150 a year. This partnership is part of Lloyds’ commitment to innovation and providing value to its customers.

The article also mentions that ApTap is an alumni of Lloyds’ Launch innovation program, showing a history of collaboration between the two companies. Both Lloyds and ApTap emphasize the importance of helping customers make informed decisions about their bills, ultimately aiming to save them hundreds of pounds a year.

Overall, the partnership between Lloyds and ApTap highlights the growing trend of fintech companies collaborating with traditional banks to offer innovative solutions for customers’ financial needs. This move is expected to benefit Halifax and Lloyds Bank mortgage customers by giving them more control over their household expenses and potentially saving them money in the long run.

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