CEO of M1 shares personal finance app success tips.

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  • M1 CEO Brian Barnes shares insights on creating a fintech platform.
  • The platform manages $8 billion for half a million customers.

On a recent episode of “The CEO Series,” M1 founder and CEO Brian Barnes discussed the journey of creating a powerful personal finance app. M1 is a fintech platform that manages about $8 billion for half a million customers. Barnes shared his passion for investing and how it led to the creation of the platform. He emphasized the importance of building a financial institution that can last for decades, surviving in various macro environments. Barnes also highlighted the importance of staying calm amidst the challenges of entrepreneurship and the role of a founder in a tech company. Drawing inspiration from his mother, who was a CEO of large corporations, Barnes emphasized the value of respecting and learning from the people who do the actual work within a company.

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