Get ready for an unparalleled surge in entrepreneurship, predicts finance expert.

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  • Personal finance expert predicts a boom in entrepreneurship for Gen Z due to technology leveling the playing field.
  • Nearly half of Americans are in jobs that don’t require a college degree 10 years after graduation.

Personal finance expert Ken Coleman from Ramsey Solutions predicts that the next generation, specifically Gen Z, will experience an entrepreneurial boom like never before thanks to technology. Coleman believes that technology is leveling the playing field and making it easier for young individuals to start their own businesses. This prediction comes after speaking with social media influencer Sophia Castiblanco, who started making income at 14 through social media.

A new report has found that nearly half of Americans are stuck in jobs that don’t require a college degree a decade after graduating. This suggests a shift towards a post-college career trend, with more big-time companies reevaluating the need for a college degree. Coleman also highlighted that 36% of Americans no longer see college as the best way to prepare for the future, based on a recent study from the Wall Street Journal.

Coleman warned of the impact on college recruitment due to the decreasing value of a college degree. He mentioned that as college enrollment continues to drop, employers are also starting to shift away from bachelor’s degree requirements. This trend of companies relying less on a college education could significantly impact the future workforce dynamics.

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