Rice’s Finance Division gets a new look

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  • Rice University’s Office of Finance and Administration has changed its name to the Division of Operations, Finance and Support (OF&S).
  • The name change was made to support President Reginald DesRoches’ strategic plan, with a focus on transformational initiatives and growth objectives.

Rice University’s Division of Finance and Administration has undergone a significant change with the renaming of the office to the Division of Operations, Finance and Support (OF&S). The decision to rename the office was driven by the need to align with President Reginald DesRoches’ strategic plan for the university.

The new name, OF&S, aims to reflect the division’s commitment to supporting the overall success of the university. According to Kelly Fox, the executive vice president for OF&S, the name Operations, Finance and Support encapsulates the core functions of the division and emphasizes the foundation it provides to the university.

Utilizing feedback and insights from various stakeholders, Fox and her team have refined the division’s mission and vision statements, as well as established new goals and objectives. The strategic plan for OF&S focuses on excellence in service delivery, with an emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction, fostering a culture of empathy, transparency, and responsiveness, and anticipating the evolving needs of the university community.

The university community is encouraged to visit the newly published OF&S strategic plan website to learn more about the division’s plan for the future. Additionally, Fox and her team plan to provide a detailed overview of the goals, objectives, and initiatives outlined in the strategic plan in April.

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