Officials nervous as new Hampton County administrator dismisses finance director.

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  • Hampton County’s new finance director, Al Penska, was fired by the new administrator
  • Many officials express concern over the decision, citing Penska’s experience and ongoing investigations

Amid ongoing state police investigations and financial scandals, Hampton County’s newly hired finance director, Al Penska, was terminated from his position by the new administrator, Lavar Youmans. This decision has raised concerns among multiple elected officials, with some describing Penska as an experienced administrator who had played a crucial role in the ongoing investigation and restructuring of the county.

Penska, who was also a candidate for the county administrator position, lost to Youmans in a vote by the Council. State Representative William Hager criticized the decision to fire Penska, calling it a step back in the county’s path to ethical governance. Hager emphasized the need for a comprehensive forensic audit to understand the missing funds and the need for experienced leadership in managing the county’s finances.

As the story continues to develop, more information and reactions from officials are expected to be shared. The decision to fire Penska without just cause has sparked a debate about the future of Hampton County’s financial management and accountability.

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