Redefine resilience, boost intelligence with Huawei Digital Finance.

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  • Huawei hosted a Digital Finance Session at MWC Barcelona 2024.
  • Jason Cao, CEO of Digital Finance BU at Huawei, emphasized redefining resilience to boost intelligence in the digital era.

At the Digital Finance Session hosted by Huawei at MWC Barcelona 2024, Jason Cao, the CEO of Digital Finance BU at Huawei, highlighted the importance of redefining resilience to enhance intelligence in the digital era. Cao emphasized that resilience is the key foundation for all operations and explained how building infrastructure resilience is essential in achieving non-stop banking in the intelligent era.

In order to achieve zero downtime in financial services, Huawei has upgraded its MAS architecture and introduced GaussDB, a next-generation distributed database. The Zero Touch operations are enabled through Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Network, which leverages Digital Map capabilities and Cloud-Map Algorithms to visualize networks in real-time and ensure zero change errors.

Huawei also focuses on Zero Trust by improving product security and offering multi-layer ransomware protection solutions. Additionally, the Zero Wait experience is enabled through Huawei’s Data Intelligence Solution, which combines serverless architecture and data lakehouse for strong real-time capabilities.

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