Public Integrity Center weighs merger or shutdown due to financial troubles.

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  • The Center for Public Integrity is facing financial difficulties, with a budget shortfall of $2.5 million in 2023.
  • The organization is considering merging with a competitor or shutting down due to these financial strains.

The Center for Public Integrity, a renowned nonprofit newsroom in the U.S., is in a state of turmoil as it grapples with financial challenges. In 2023, the organization fell short of its budget goal by $2.5 million, prompting discussions about a potential merger or shutdown. The departure of key figures, such as CEO Paul Cheung and editor in chief Matt DeRienzo, has further fueled the organization’s instability.

The board of the Center for Public Integrity acknowledged the financial struggles, citing a tough year for nonprofit media organizations. Despite the setbacks, the board reaffirmed its commitment to the organization’s essential mission and is actively seeking solutions for the future of their journalism.

With a newsroom of around 30 journalists known for watchdogging powerful institutions, the potential closure of the Center for Public Integrity would be a significant loss in the realm of investigative journalism. The organization has historically received funding from foundations like the Knight Foundation and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, who support the importance of investigative reporting.

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