Arizona high school students mandated to take personal finance course.

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Proposed Bill Requiring Arizona High Schoolers to Take Personal Finance Course


Arizona is considering a bill that would make it mandatory for high school students to take a personal finance course before graduation. The course would cover topics like investing, budgeting, paying bills, and retirement planning. The bill has received support but also some concerns about taking away elective classes for students.

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Arizona is currently discussing a bill that would require high school students to take a personal finance course as a graduation requirement. The course aims to educate students about various financial aspects such as investing, budgeting, paying bills, and retirement planning. The bill’s sponsor, Republican Senator J.D. Mesnard, believes that this knowledge is crucial for students as they enter the real world and face decisions related to student loans, credit cards, and other financial matters.

The proposed course would not add any additional credits for graduation, ensuring that students can still meet the necessary requirements. Parent Gregg Murset, a Certified Financial Planner, supports the bill, emphasizing the importance of providing students with essential financial literacy skills before they face financial challenges in college or adulthood.

While the bill has received positive feedback from many, Democratic Senator Christine Marsh raised concerns about potentially displacing elective classes for students. She believes that taking away elective opportunities could negatively impact some students who rely on those classes to stay engaged in school.

The bill’s timeline suggests that the requirement would start with the graduating class of 2028, giving schools time to implement the necessary changes. However, the bill would need to pass both the Senate and House and receive approval from Gov. Katie Hobbs to become law. The progress of the bill is being closely monitored by Arizona’s Family for updates.

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