Discussing financial woes in interviews? Proceed with caution elsewhere.

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  • It’s okay to mention your firm’s financial problems in a job interview if you focus on what you learned and why you are seeking a more secure company.
  • If a friend gets promoted to be your boss, it can strain the friendship, but remaining professional and supportive can help navigate the situation.

In the article, a reader asks if it’s acceptable to mention their current firm’s financial problems as a reason for seeking a new job during an interview. The expert, Gregory Giangrande, encourages honesty and transparency in interviews, emphasizing the importance of highlighting what the individual learned from the experience and their desire to find a more stable work environment.

Additionally, the article delves into the complex situation of a friend being promoted to a higher position, potentially becoming the reader’s boss. Giangrande acknowledges the challenges this dynamic can create and advises the reader to remain professional, supportive, and patient in order to navigate the changes in the relationship.

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