Ingredients for an ideal modern finance and accounting team.

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  • Research reveals key roles, technical skills, and soft skills needed for modern finance teams.
  • Adaptability, commercial acumen, and specialized skills like financial modeling are crucial for success.

The ingredients for building the ideal modern finance and accounting team

New research by global talent leader Robert Half has uncovered valuable insights into building high-impact finance units in today’s business climate. Members of modern finance teams need robust data fluency and communication skills to drive strategic impact. Leading analysts, controllers, and CFOs must be able to derive actionable intelligence from financial models, enterprise data stores, and business metrics. This requires sharp analytical abilities to surface key takeaways and create probabilistic models for forecasting performance scenarios.

Soft skills like adaptability, creative problem-solving, and commercial acumen are also crucial for modern finance teams. They must be able to seamlessly adjust strategic recommendations in response to market fluctuations and optimize resource planning models to align with corporate objectives. Specializations in areas like financial modeling, internal auditing, and tax strategy are essential for filling pressing talent gaps.

Ultimately, finance groups that think critically about market dynamics, operational processes, and corporate lifecycles can evaluate risks and identify strategic opportunities with clarity. Pairing commercial acumen with financial analysis allows teams to influence executive decisions with fact-based insights, providing a foundation for organizational success.


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