Horizonte’s finance caution raises concerns with Glencore backing.

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Glencore-backed nickel miner Horizonte issues finance warning


  • Horizonte Minerals, a nickel miner backed by Glencore, warns of potential financing issues
  • The company is in need of funds to develop its nickel project in Brazil

Horizonte Minerals, a nickel mining company backed by Glencore, has issued a warning regarding its finances. The company, which is developing a nickel project in Brazil, is facing potential financing issues as it seeks funds to continue its operations. Horizonte has stated that it may need to raise additional capital through share issuances or debt financing to support its ongoing activities.

The nickel project in Brazil is a significant asset for Horizonte, as nickel is a crucial component in the production of electric vehicle batteries. The company’s ability to secure financing will be critical in determining the pace at which it can progress with the development of the project. Horizonte’s warning has raised concerns among investors, who are closely monitoring the situation.


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