Survey finds Bajaj Finance, HDFC Group top spam call sources.

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  • Bajaj Finance and HDFC Group are responsible for the most spam calls according to a survey report by Local Circles.
  • 60% of respondents reported receiving three or more spam calls daily in the past year.

Bajaj Finance and HDFC Group were identified as the top two sources of spam calls in a recent survey conducted by Local Circles. Out of over 12,000 responses, 40% indicated that they receive the highest number of unsolicited calls from Bajaj Finance. Additionally, 15% noted HDFC Life Insurance, 12% HDFC Bank, and 4% Kotak Mahindra Bank as sources of spam calls.

While there was a slight decrease from 66% to 60% in the number of respondents reporting receiving three or more spam calls daily in the past 12 months, many individuals still receive a significant amount of unwanted calls. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had issued directives to help combat spam calls, but 90% of respondents stated that they still receive spam calls despite being on the Do Not Disturb list.

The survey revealed that 30% of respondents received one to two spam calls daily, while 36% received three to five spam calls daily. 21% of respondents received six to ten spam calls daily. The new Telecommunication Act, 2023 is set to mandate protection for users from unsolicited commercial messages and calls. Operators will be required to obtain user consent before sending such messages and establish mechanisms for users to register grievances.

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