Gen Z prioritizes self-care over Dave Ramsey’s debt-free advice.

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Gen Z is pushing back against financial guru Dave Ramsey’s advice, stating that his focus on living debt-free is outdated and neglects the importance of self-care. They believe his tips on buying a house upfront in cash are unrealistic in today’s market with skyrocketing prices. Young workers argue that self-care, mental well-being, and a realistic approach to long-term investments are more vital in today’s financial landscape.


Young workers from Gen Z are challenging the financial advice given by Dave Ramsey, known for his mantra of living debt-free. They argue that his advice is no longer relevant in today’s society due to the rising cost of living and mounting student debt. Ramsey’s insistence on cutting out small expenses like daily lattes is being met with resistance as younger generations prioritize mental well-being and self-care. The TikTok trend under #daveramseywouldntapprove has gained popularity, with millions of views criticizing Ramsey’s recommendations.

One of Ramsey’s key points is to purchase a house with cash upfront to avoid mortgages, but Gen Z workers find this advice impractical in the current housing market where prices are exorbitant. They highlight the disparity between previous generations’ ability to buy houses affordably and the challenges faced by today’s youth. The emphasis on a strong credit score for securing a mortgage loan is seen as more beneficial than Ramsey’s strict anti-debt stance.

The shift away from Ramsey’s traditional advice signifies a change in attitude towards financial stability and well-being among younger generations. Self-care, mental health, and a realistic approach to long-term investments are becoming more important considerations in today’s evolving financial landscape.

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