Finance shocker: Columnist duped by Amazon scam, loses $50K in savings.

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– A financial advice columnist for New York Magazine’s The Cut fell victim to an Amazon scam, losing $50,000 in savings.
– The columnist warns readers that anyone can become a target of these scams.

A financial advice columnist named Charlotte Cowles recently shared her shocking story of falling for an elaborate Amazon scam that cost her $50,000 in savings. Cowles warns readers that these scams can happen to anyone, despite stereotypes that only certain types of people would be susceptible.

The scam began with a phone call from a woman claiming to be a customer service representative for Amazon. The woman informed Cowles that she was the victim of identity theft and connected her with a supposed official from the Federal Trade Commission who was investigating the fraud. This official convinced Cowles that scammers had used her identity to open bank accounts and commit various crimes.

The official provided elaborate details and even sent photos to back up his claims. He told Cowles that there were warrants for her arrest and pressured her to withdraw cash from her bank account to give to an undercover agent. Despite feeling uneasy and terrified, Cowles complied.

After the drop-off, Cowles realized she had been scammed and wondered why she hadn’t reached out for help during the ordeal. It turns out that younger adults are actually more likely to fall for scams than older adults, according to a report from the Federal Trade Commission.

Cowles felt humiliated by the experience but learned that she was not alone. A recent survey by Gallup found that at least 21 million Americans were scammed in 2023. It’s a sobering reminder that anyone can be a target of these scams and should remain vigilant.

Despite being a financial advice columnist, Cowles found herself easily manipulated by the scammers’ promises and stories. She hopes that by sharing her story, others can learn from her mistakes and be more cautious when faced with similar situations.

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