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The Los Angeles Business Journal highlights Kathleen Gilmore as a woman of influence in finance for 2024. Gilmore is the Chair and President of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors, a Pasadena-based wealth management firm. She joined the firm in 2002 and became president in 2020. Gilmore oversees the firm’s investment counseling services and helps clients with financial planning and asset management. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Gilmore successfully guided the firm through remote work and office transitions, while also expanding their services and hiring new employees.

Kathleen Gilmore, Chair and President of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors, has been recognized as a woman of influence in finance for 2024 by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Gilmore joined the wealth management firm in 2002 and assumed her current leadership role in 2020. As president, she is responsible for overseeing the firm’s investment counseling services for individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations.

As a certified financial planner, Gilmore assists clients in creating a comprehensive structure for managing their assets. She provides personalized wealth strategies that support each client’s goals, in addition to managing their investment portfolios. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Gilmore successfully led the firm through the transition to remote work and the gradual return to the office.

In addition to managing the firm’s operations, Gilmore played a role in expanding the breadth and depth of the firm’s investment counseling services by hiring new employees and implementing new technology. She has been actively involved in integrating these changes into the firm’s processes and ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

Overall, Kathleen Gilmore’s leadership has been instrumental in the success of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors. Through her expertise in financial planning and dedication to providing exceptional services to clients, she has made a significant impact in the finance industry. As a woman of influence, Gilmore serves as an inspiration for other women looking to pursue successful careers in finance.

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