DBS CEO’s cut pay due to digital banking disruptions despite profits.

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  • Singapore’s DBS Group reported record-breaking full-year results with a net profit of S$2.39 billion ($1.78 billion) in Q4 2023, an increase of 2%.
  • CEO Piyush Gupta experienced a 30% reduction in compensation due to digital banking disruptions in 2023.
  • The bank faced regulatory actions and a six-month ban on acquiring new business ventures and reducing its local branch and ATM networks.
  • DBS is committed to enhancing customer experience and resolving digital banking issues.
  • The bank’s performance will influence market perceptions of its long-term resilience and growth prospects.

Singapore’s leading lender, DBS Group, has reported record-breaking full-year results, with a net profit of S$2.39 billion ($1.78 billion) in the quarter ending December 31, marking a modest 2% increase. Despite the positive financial performance, DBS CEO Piyush Gupta faced a significant reduction in compensation due to digital banking disruptions witnessed last year. The disruptions prompted a collective 21% cut in variable pay for DBS’ group management committee, with Gupta experiencing a deeper 30% reduction amounting to S$4.1 million.

Last year’s digital banking outages had significant repercussions for DBS, leading to regulatory actions by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The bank was ban from acquiring new business ventures for six months and had to reduce its local branch and ATM networks. To address customer concerns, DBS has promised to enhance its customer experience, improve service reliability, and provide alternative channels for payments and inquiries in case of future issues.

CEO Piyush Gupta has been at the helm of DBS since November 2009 and has overseen the bank’s expansion into key markets such as India, Taiwan, and mainland China. Under his leadership, DBS has become one of Asia’s largest wealth management firms. Despite anticipated challenges such as softening interest rates and geopolitical tensions, Gupta is confident in sustaining the bank’s performance in the upcoming year.

DBS’s record-breaking results set the tone for other major Singapore banks, including United Overseas Bank and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, whose results are set to be reported later this month. However, analysts question the sustainability of DBS’s growth trajectory amidst expectations of declining interest rates in the coming year. The outcomes of DBS’s strategic initiatives to address digital banking disruptions and maintain customer trust will likely influence market perceptions of the bank’s long-term resilience and growth prospects.

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