Empowering Latinas with SHENIX: Culturally Competent Fintech, Building Legacies.

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  • An app called SHENIX has been developed to provide culturally competent financial resources for Latinas.
  • The app offers financial education, budgeting tools, career planning, and investment advisory services specifically tailored for the Latina cultural mindset.
  • Latinas experience the widest wealth gap in the US, and SHENIX aims to empower them to create financial legacies and close money gaps.

An app called SHENIX has been developed to empower Latinas to create financial legacies by providing culturally competent financial resources. Recognizing that financial apps often fail to prioritize the Latina cultural mindset, SHENIX aims to fill the gap by offering financial education, investing tools, banking services, career planning, and investment advisory services in a way that speaks to their culture and aids in building personal and professional wealth and prosperity.

The SHENIX app features a built-in budgeting tool that helps users gain a better understanding of their spending habits and encourages saving a percentage of income. It also provides access to a wealth of financial education resources, covering topics such as emergency funds, life insurance, retirement savings, credit score, college savings, access to capital, and portfolios.

For Latina women seeking career opportunities in the financial industry, SHENIX connects them with positions and resources that can help them advance their careers and achieve financial success. The app also offers wealth planning tools tailored for everyday Latinas and business owners, allowing users to gain insights into their net worth, debt-to-income ratio, and other key financial metrics.

The app even provides the option for English/Spanish-speaking career and financial advisers to offer personalized guidance on Roth IRAs, IRAs, SEP IRAs, 401k, and personal portfolios, although these services are paid.

The founder and CEO of SHENIX, Olga Camargo, was inspired to create the app after witnessing the limited access to financial information and guidance that Latinas have. Latinas experience the widest wealth gap in the United States, making 54 cents for every dollar paid to Caucasian men. SHENIX aims to address this divide and empower Latinas to ascend financially. Latinas represent significant purchasing power and GDP in the US, making SHENIX’s mission crucial for the Latinx community’s generational wealth.

For more information about the SHENIX app, visit the official website.

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