73% of European SMEs Ready to Invest in Fintech and AI

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In a recent report by financial management solution Qonto, it was revealed that 73% of European SMEs are planning to invest in fintech and AI services by 2024. The report surveyed SMEs in Germany, Italy, and Spain, and found that most respondents were optimistic about the potential benefits of new digital solutions. However, while SME leaders showed enthusiasm for fintech and AI, they were more skeptical about other emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency, Web3, virtual reality, and the metaverse. The report also found that while SMEs are willing to invest in technology, they are not as interested in hiring new talent. The majority of respondents said they intended to slow or stop hiring new employees by the end of 2023. Additionally, the report revealed that women are underrepresented in leadership roles, with only 29% of respondents being women. France and Italy were the closest to gender parity, while Germany had the lowest representation of women.

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