Introducing FlexPath DXP: Unleash the Future of Connected Retailing

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A new company called FlexPath DXP has launched a turnkey FinTech platform to power connected retailing. The platform, which connects modern retailing and eCommerce components of digital marketing and personalised shopping, is aimed at lenders, dealers, OEMs, marketing agencies, vendors, and marketplaces who are looking to incorporate credit-first solutions.

The platform utilises the credit-first lender waterfall decisioning engine Trillium, which uses real credit bureau data and hundreds of rates, rules, and lending guidelines to ensure accurate monthly payments and realistic vehicle purchase and financing expectations. Unlike other monthly payment quoting services that only use a credit score, FlexPath’s technology aims to provide a more accurate and seamless experience for consumers.

FlexPath is available in different channels and industries where consumers shop for finance-based collateral, such as automotive, powersports, recreational vehicles, and marine. The company is already in talks with major customers, industry partners, and strategic investors, and plans to grow at a rapid pace.

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