Banking needs tailored for Gen Z: What’s on their wish list?

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Gen Z, one of the biggest generations in the U.S., values banking services that align with their values, excel in digital capabilities, and offer personalized experiences. They are more likely to switch banks for stronger commitments to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Gen Z expects banks to provide innovative digital services, optimal user experiences, efficient payment processes, and accessible customer support. Branches can appeal to Gen Z by integrating localization into their marketing strategies, emphasizing ESG and DEI values in their displays and signage, and tailoring messaging to the demographics and cultural trends of their specific region. Digital signage plays a crucial role in branch marketing by allowing branches to display content that resonates with Gen Z customers and personalize the brand experience. Banks can use digital signage more efficiently by showcasing their unique brand voice and purpose, personalizing content based on local demographics, and delivering localized and day-parted content. Banks should also implement planograms to improve customer experience and comply with regulatory standards. Neobanks have changed banking by offering digital-first experiences, seamless onboarding, and simplified financial management. Contactless ATMs improve customer experience by reducing transaction time, enhancing security, and providing convenience. To prevent ATM crime, banks can utilize anti-skimming technology, install surveillance cameras, and implement customer authentication measures.

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