Top 25 Retirement Spots: Which Country Ranks at the Peak?

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In a study by wealth management company Natixis, 44 nations were analyzed on four main categories affecting retirement well-being: health, quality of life, material well-being, and retirement finances. Norway came in first place as the best country for retirement due to its top scores in health and material well-being. Other countries in the top 25 included Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, and Canada. In terms of financial stressors, inflation and the rising cost of goods were the main concerns for 73% of Americans, while for older generations, politics and retirement worries were more pressing. Overall, many Americans feel that achieving financial happiness is tied to paying bills on time and avoiding debt. While financial happiness may be challenging, the study found that having a clear financial plan can greatly improve financial health and allow individuals to better achieve their goals.

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