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  • Facebook is reportedly developing a smartwatch that could be released in 2022.
  • The smartwatch would focus on messaging, health and fitness features, and integration with Facebook services.

Facebook is expanding its hardware portfolio and is reportedly developing a smartwatch that would be capable of messaging, health, and fitness features, according to insider sources. The new wearable is expected to be released next year and aims to directly compete with Apple and other established players in the smartwatch market.

The focal point of Facebook’s smartwatch would be the messaging features, enabling users to send and receive messages directly from their wrist without the need for their smartphones. Facebook aims to create a seamless integration with its services, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The smartwatch will also support cellular connectivity, allowing users to make calls without their phones.

The Key Features:

The smartwatch is said to be equipped with an AI-powered voice assistant to facilitate voice commands and dictation. This feature aims to improve user experience and enables hands-free interaction with the device.

Health and fitness tracking features are another key aspect of the Facebook smartwatch. It is expected to offer comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities including heart rate monitoring, daily activity tracking, and sleep analysis. Facebook plans to integrate its smartwatch data with its fitness platform to create a more robust user experience and provide personalized health recommendations.

Facebook is also reportedly working on a feature to attach the smartwatch to a camera, allowing users to easily capture photos and videos. This could be particularly useful for those who want to capture moments quickly without the need to grab their smartphones.

Privacy Concerns:

The social media giant is known for its frequent privacy controversies, and launching a smartwatch that collects personal health data could raise privacy concerns. To address these concerns, Facebook is said to be planning a strong focus on data security and user privacy. The smartwatch will allegedly have advanced built-in privacy features, including secure data encryption and opt-in data sharing options.


While Facebook already offers VR headsets and Portal devices, the smartwatch would mark its entry into the highly competitive smartwatch market. Facebook will be competing directly with industry leaders like Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit. Apple, which dominates the smartwatch market, has experienced massive success with its Apple Watch, offering a wide range of health, communication, and smart home integration features.

Final Words:

The development of a smartwatch is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to diversify its product offerings and reduce its dependence on advertising revenue. With its focus on messaging, health and fitness features, and integration with Facebook services, the company aims to provide a unique user experience that sets its smartwatch apart from the competition.

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