Barclays uplifts green finance through dedicated sustainable banking capital team.

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  • Barclays has launched a new sustainable banking group focused on capital markets.
  • The bank has appointed Susan Barron and Cindy Quan as co-heads of the new unit.

Barclays has established a new sustainable banking group within its capital markets team, as the bank continues its push into sustainable finance and advising on the transition to net-zero carbon emissions. The new unit will bring together Barclays’ sustainable capital markets and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) advisory teams. Susan Barron and Cindy Quan have been named as co-heads of the new group.

This move is part of a growing trend in the financial industry, as banks and investment firms increasingly prioritize sustainability and ESG criteria in their business strategies. Barclays aims to position itself as a leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy and capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable finance solutions.

By consolidating its sustainable capital markets and ESG advisory teams into one unit, Barclays can provide more comprehensive and cohesive services to clients looking to navigate the sustainability landscape. The bank believes that integrating sustainability into its capital markets business will not only support its clients but also create long-term value and growth opportunities for itself.

Susan Barron and Cindy Quan, the co-heads of the new sustainable banking group, will be responsible for overseeing and expanding Barclays’ sustainable finance offerings. They will work closely with the bank’s clients to develop sustainable solutions and advise on sustainable investment strategies.

Barclays’ commitment to sustainable finance and ESG is reflected in its recent executive appointments. The bank has been promoting leaders who have expertise in sustainability and are passionate about driving positive change. The establishment of the sustainable banking group is seen as another step towards embedding sustainability into the core of Barclays’ operations.

The launch of this new unit comes at a time when environmental concerns are rising and governments, businesses, and investors are placing greater importance on sustainability. As the financial industry faces increasing pressure to address climate change and social issues, banks like Barclays are taking proactive measures to address these challenges and meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Overall, Barclays’ launch of a sustainable banking group focused on capital markets is a strategic move that positions the bank at the forefront of the sustainable finance industry. By bringing together its expertise in sustainable capital markets and ESG advisory, Barclays aims to provide comprehensive solutions to help clients navigate the transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

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