Secure payments spotlighted at Money20/20 USA with Entrust’s Andy Cease.

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  • Andy Cease, Director of Global Marketing at Entrust, spoke to FinTech Magazine about secure payments.
  • Entrust focuses on digital onboarding, unified issuance, and secure transactions to make payments more secure.
  • AI is a key innovation in the security space, as it helps identify fraudsters and bad actors that may pose challenges to banks.

During an interview with FinTech Magazine at Money20/20 USA 2023, Andy Cease, Director of Global Marketing at Entrust, discussed the company’s efforts to enhance secure payments. Entrust plays a vital role in digital onboarding, unified issuance, and secure transactions. Cease emphasized the importance of digital signatures throughout the financial workflow, from account opening to accessing loan products or credit products. These non-repudiable digital signatures establish trust between financial institutions and consumers, reducing friction in the process.

Cease also highlighted the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the security space. He mentioned that AI enables banks to anticipate the evolving tactics of fraudsters and bad actors, making the onboarding of reliable customers more challenging. Entrust aims to unify technology by linking ID verification, leveraging digital signatures, and providing seamless card experiences. Their unique offering allows for visibility across all these events.

To learn more about Entrust’s perspective on secure payments, watch the interview with Andy Cease in the attached YouTube video. FinTech Magazine will continue to release additional content from Money20/20 USA 2023 in the upcoming days.

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